Project Management

Leading and managing remotely and across geographically dispersed teams, while partnering effectively with senior business leaders and management team members to meet challenging objectives and deliver results that are aligned to the business.

With hands-on experience in managing a company, we bring a down to earth and practical approach to the management table. Our experience has helped other managers to regain focus and improve their performance.

Some examples of projects we have been involved in:

  1. Implementation of a major sanctions compliance improvement initiative for a major international insurance provider, including the implementation of the daily screening of approx. 40 million parties;

  2. Implementing Sanction screening against OFAC regulations, including the linking of the cover SWIFT message to the underlying payment instructions within 3 months at an international financial institution;

  3. Managing implementations following the order to Cease and Desist issued by US regulators within a major international bank;

  4. Managing the in-country activities of a historic sanctions look-back for an international bank;

  5. Global Privacy Programme in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).