Client Quote

Ph.D W. Nuninger, Engineer & Senior Lecturer, France These few words to highlight Kathryn's professionalism proved though the support she provided during the editing process of our Handbook of research on "Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education" published in April 2016 by IGI Global. The native proofreading she made of our chapters (over 100 pages) with responsiveness was precise, with smart adjustments of the level of language with respect to the expected quality of such a handbook (especially the preface), also ensuring compliance of the reference style. It was a remote work and I enjoyed the customized and pedagogical feedback to help me improve my writing skills (systematic errors not to make, style advice ...). Her knowledge of French and effective e-exchange helped the selection of the most appropriate turns of proposals while leaving us free choice; a concern for detail that reflects her European career. I can only thank her for the work accomplished that gives a real added value to proofreading by a native in my professional context and make me ask her to proofread several chapters.

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