Translating a text into another language is often undervalued. We do not see translation as a mechanical exchange of words into another language, but the creation of a new text that stands in its own right and reads naturally.When translating your text into English, we will work with you to ensure that we convey your message accurately, retaining the tone and feel of your original work.

Every word will be weighed and measured to ensure we use the right vocabulary, the right tone, the right nuances. We don’t offer automated translations, but if you would like your message to come to life in English, and to be translated by a native speaker, please give us a try!

This was what Vibeke Mascini did when she was looking for an English translation of her book, The Dent of Walter Umenhofer. She wasn’t simply looking for a translator, but someone to partner with her on this creative journey.

We don’t mind if it is a short paragraph or an entire book. We would like to work with you and to couple your creative content with our passion for languages.